Marijuana Education

(Everything they should have told you about marijuana, but didn't!)

An educational discussion group for adults (age 17 and up)

Small group format -- Lecture with  group discussion

Topics to be explored:

  • The marijuana "high" -- effects and side effects
  • Michigan laws about marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana - Pros & Cons
  • What scientific studies tell us about its benefits & side effects
  • Consequences of long term use -- especially for young users
  • Making responsible choices about future use
  • Replacing perceived benefits of marijuana with healthier options
  • Support systems -- If you want to quit, who will help you?
  • Coping skills if you want to end use -- Handling cravings & peer pressure

The internet is full of opinions about marijuana and its benefits, but how much of
that discussion comes from reliable, up-to-date, knowledgeable sources? This
unique program of Cross Road Center will bring you the facts from the best of
recent scientific researchers and medical experts.

Information you share is kept strictly confidential unless you want to share it!

Live classes offered every other month on:

Thursday evenings for 4 weeks, 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Call for the next starting date

Group rate fee:  $25 per session for 4 weeks
  or -- Save $10 and pay just $90 the first night for all 4 sessions

Private sessons available at hourly sliding-scale fee rate

Please call Bob Broadwell at Cross Road Center to register