Cross Road Center    

WHAT WE DO:      

We are a mid-Michigan counseling center in Corunna, MI (near Owosso, MI and 30 miles west of Flint) founded in 2001. Our services include individual, couples, and family counseling to help you address problems with substance abuse or addiction and develop effective long term relapse prevention plans.

Counseling for substance abuse problems may also be referred to by other names, such as therapy, "talk therapy", rehabilitation, or outpatient treatment .  Any of these terms refer to the kinds of services provided by our substance abuse treatment program.

In addition, we offer life coaching and education programs in a few specific areas, including training in
making good decisions consistently, how to get past obstacles to setting and reaching your personal goals, and if requested, overcoming spiritual issues that may be blocking your progress into a more peaceful and satisfying life.


Adults, adolescents, couples, and families in Shiawassee county, MI and the surrounding area.


Robert Broadwell, MA, CAADC brings 25 years of counseling experience, well over 500 hours of continuing education and thousands of hours of online reviews of research into each case.

"CAADC" means "Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor" - the highest certification in this specialty one can have in the state of Michigan.


Alcohol & drug abuse counseling for adults, teens, parents and families.
Coping tools to handle feelings of anxiety, depression, or high stress in withdrawal, or sometimes
   later in the recovery process, without relapse. Because recovery from severe substance abuse or addiction
   commonly leads to experiencing these feelings, these concerns may be addressed within the substance abuse
   therapy. If it appears that these issues need to be addressed separately, we will refer the client to a qualified
   mental health professional for further help. This help may include assessment and referral to a mental health
   therapist or to a psychiatrist or medical doctor for evaluation about a possible need for medication management.

Relapse prevention counseling and coaching, including long term relapse prevention counseling for all 
   relapse-prone alcoholics & addicts. These important elements of our treatment plans support your
   ongoing recovery with tools to help you cope effectively with stress management, anger, grief & loss, peer
   pressure to use again, and other common relapse triggers.

   Training is offered in how to build healthy activities into a satisfying sober lifestyle that gives you many kinds
   of "natural highs" to replace every benefit you once perceived in using alcohol or your "drug of choice" prior
   to recovery. This phase of treatment is too often neglected or treated too lightly in some rehab programs,
   which could leave you much more vulnerable to future relapse into abuse of the substance again.

*   Codependency and ACOA issues. Help and support for family members of alcoholics and drug addicts.

Court- referred and  job-referred clients are welcomed and respected here.

 *  Life coaching in a few areas, including help with setting and reaching new goals, motivating you to get "unstuck"
    and take action to move forward into achieving new goals within a healhy lifestyle. Help with stress management,
    communication skills, and decision-making to get you past your "stuck points" and reaching new goals.

 *  ADD & ADHD coaching, This is not counseling or psychotherapy. Rather, it is life coaching for clients who have
    received or are receiving effective treatment for the primary symptoms of ADD or ADHD elsewhere, but need
    support for moving forward to reach desired life goals despite any challenges that remain after treatment.

Spiritual issues, including help to clarify beliefs and values. Upon request, faith-based counseling from
    a Christian perspective is offered to address the great value of restoring healthy spirituality in recovery.

 *  Educational discussion groups:   

        *   Better Decisions for a Better Life.  Learn steps & principles used by some of the best
             decision makers in America. Avoid common mistakes. Achieve more goals with less stress!

        *   Marijuana Education.  Learn about its history, laws, medical marijuana.  Weigh the several key
             benefits of this drug against the many potential side effects of THC in today's potent marijuana cited
             in scientific research studies, most of which are not well known and some of which are long term effects.

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Please note that Mark Caswell has ended his work with us at Cross Road Center to pursue new opportunities.

Mark provided excellent counseling for the clients he helped while working with us. He will be missed here, but
we support his career decision and wish him all the best.

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