Cross Road Center    

WHAT WE DO:      

We are a mid-Michigan counseling center in Corunna, MI (near Owosso, MI and 30 miles west of Flint) founded in 2001. Our services include individual, couples, family, and group  counseling to help you address mental health issues like anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, relationship issues, concerns about parenting, difficulties in making good decisions consistently, obstacles to reaching your personal goals, problems with substance abuse or addiction, and if requested, spiritual issues.

Counseling may also be referred to by other names, like psychotherapy, therapy, "talk therapy" or outpatient treatment for mental health or substance abuse problems.  Any of these terms refer to the kinds of services provided by our team of counselors.


Adults, adolescents, couples, and families in Shiawassee county, MI and the surrounding area.


Our staff:

Robert Broadwell, MA, CAADC brings 25 years of counseling experience, well over 500 hours of continuing education and thousands of hours of online reviews of research into each case.


*  Alcohol & drug abuse counseling for adults, teens, parents and families; relapse prevention --
    including long term relapse prevention counseling for relapse-prone alcoholics & addicts;
    Codependency and ACOA issues; (Court- referred and  job-referred clients are welcomed and
    respected here.) 

*  Counseling for anxiety, depression, ADD & ADHD coaching, stress management, communication skills,
    help with relationships, men's issues, singles'  issues.

*  Dual diagnosis issues & complex cases (when you face both substance abuse and mental health

*  Spiritual issues, including help to clarify beliefs and values. Upon request, faith-based counseling from
    a Christian perspective is offered.

 *  Educational discussion groups:   

        *   Better Decisions for a Better Life.  Learn steps & principles used by some of the best
             decision makers in America. Avoid common mistakes. Achieve more goals with less stress!

        *   Marijuana Education.  Learn about its history, laws, medical marijuana.  Weigh the several key
             benefits of this drug against the many potential side effects of today's potent marijuana cited in scientific 
             research studies, most of which are not well known and some of which are long term effects.

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Mark Caswell, MS, LLPC [Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, Limited License Professional Counselor]

Individual and Group Counseling; some Couples Counseling

Mark offers individual counseling for teens, young adults, and adults, as well as couples counseling. 

Sessions with Mark are scheduled on a part time basis, by appointment, usually afternoons and evenings.

Counseling for challenges with:



     Relationship issues

     Facing difficult decisions

Special interests:

*  Working with teens to help them prepare well for success in reaching college or career goals
    despite the many challenges they may face in today's often
difficult circumstances.

*  Individual or small group sessions for our Better Decisions for a Better Life program for those
    who wish to complete the program very soon and were not able to get into our regular Thursday
    evening group schedule for the current program offering.

Upon request, counseling from a faith-based, Christian perspective is available.

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